Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Easy Jersey T-Dress

A couple of weeks ago in work we got a delivery of John Kaldor end-of-roll prints.  Baiscally these are random 1-4meter pieces of jersey and poly prints from everyone's second favourite print maker!  I managed to score a few from our stockroom before they made it to the shop floor which is always a good thing and I made some simple dresses from them.
Today I'm sharing the first one I made.

Finding this to be a super-easy make, I decided that I'd be making it again and using the next make to write a tutorial for it!  So coming up later this week will be the tutorial for this project.

These dresses are really easy to wear both for lounging around the house, looking put together popping out the house and for holidays (I'm planning a maxi-dress version!).

The Facts
Pattern: Drafted from a tee
Size Cut: n/a
Fabric: 1.8m John Kaldor Cotton jersey from Mandors
Notions: Elastic
Alterations: n/a
Notes: self-bias finished neckline
Wearability: 10/10

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  1. Great fabric and fab dress! Looking forward to the tutorial!


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