Saturday, 15 March 2014

More outerwear! Republique du Chiffon's Gerard Coat

Oh my goodness guys!  I'm riding on such a high from my last post.  Y'all are soo lovely and your comments were just wonderful!  I loved seeing comment notifications pop up in my inbox and reading what you had to say!  Thank you all soo much XD

Now, this piece of outerwear I completed in January but just kind of forgot to take photos of and actually blog.  It's the awesome Republique du Chiffon Gerard Coat!  When I bought my version it was in French only, however by the time I got round to making it, English instructions had been released and I emailled and was sent these by .  But to be honest, it's such a straight forward make that if you bought the wrong version you'd be fine!
I toyed and toyed with which fabric to use for this pattern and I hadn't really seen anything in work that was jumping out at me so I figured I'd wait for the sale and find one I kinda liked and just go with that.  Then after Christmas, I was browsing online and found this beaut from Ditto Fabrics.  I fell in love and ordered 1.8m.  Which was squeezing things but I was working on a budget!
With some creative cutting out, I managed to get my coat all cut out.  And patterned matched the front which was a pure fluke (is that an international term or just local for us?!)  I tried with the pockets and think it worked ok but I'm pleased with them anyway.  Buttons wise, I used these metal ones from my stash and thought about bound button holes but decided against it.
I used a piece of cotton from my stash to line the jacket but left the sleeves unlined as I had no anti-static to line them with and the cotton I used was a bit rough.  I need to line them at somepoint but I've been scrunching them up so it's all right without just now.
Finally, I topstitched around the collar/front with topstitching thread.  It seems I like my topstitching eh? Ha!
I really do like this coat, it's not quite the same as my biker and the pride I felt with that.  But it's unusual and super comfy and warm and I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of it over spring!
After I made this coat, I found these street style images online, the fabric and shape sure looks similar!  Clearly I'm a fashion student, who likes to pretend they're on trend!
Has anyone else been tackling outerwear this season?  I've seen a few of these popping up around the blogs the last couple of weeks :)

The Facts
Pattern:  Republique du Chiffon Gerard Coat
Size Cut: XL and added a little room to the back
Fabric: 1.8m Italian Wool Mix for Ditto Fabrics Online and stash cotton lining
Notions: Buttons from stash
Alterations: Added a little room to the back, shortened sleeves
Notes: Would like to make again in a plain, darker colour, maybe this winter?
Wearability: 8/10

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  1. Man, I need this in my life! I downloaded the pattern right away but got sidetracked with other projects. I just bought fabric for it today, so I'm really glad to see your version! :) Yours is really beautiful! I love the plaid! "Fluke" is the term here in the States, too. :)

    1. OOh I cannot wait to see your version! And I'm glad it's not just one of those random words we use here that doesn't translate well! ha :)

  2. This is great, Hazel! Looks really cool!

  3. This looks so comfy & stylish at the same time! I love your fabric choice. I just saw Kelly's (cut cut sew) version the other day which made me want this pattern, now even more so!!

    1. yeah i saw hers too which is what reminded me to post this version! hah it really is a great pattern, you should totally try it!


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