Thursday, 5 June 2014


Have I mentioned that I go on holiday this weekend?  No?  Really?  Are you sure?  Hah well maybe if you follow me on instagram you'd have known!  So as usual, I've been sewing up a storm in anticipation of this and I've just realised how much of my holiday wardrobe is handmade.  I think I have enough items that I'll be wearing at least one handmade item a day.  So this got me thinking, being a just awarded aFirst Class Honours (EXCITED MUCH?!) in my degree (did you not see that on instagram either?!) International Fashion Branding, why not brand this year's summer holiday my #HandmadeHoliday ?
Here's what I'm packing to take away with me, a few you'll recognise and a few you won't.  All in I have 25 garments, 14 of which are handmade:
So whilst I'm away, and when I have wifi, I'll be instagramming my #HandmadeHoliday pics of the garments I'm wearing that I've made.  And I'd love for you all to join me!  Whether you're away on vacation or just a weekend/few days away, I'd love to see you using the #HandmadeHoliday handle so we can all share these makes with each other!
I'm travelling in handmade so my first post will be up when I hit the airport.  Where will you upload yours?

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  1. Have a great time! Your holiday wardrobe looks so bright and fun!!!

  2. Congratulations, Hazel!!! That's brilliant news. I'm not on Instagram, so am late to the party on your degree news. So well deserved.

    No holiday plans for me, and as I said, I'm not on Instagram, but if I get round to joining, I'll follow along. Looking forward to seeing what you have made. X


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