Saturday, 28 June 2014

Plus Size Pattern Pyramid *GIVEAWAY!*

Well hi guys, I promised I'd be back at the end of the week with a giveaway and here it is!
A couple of months ago, I won the plus size pattern pyramid that Nessa was giving away on her blog.  She was the second recipient of this and I was delighted when she emailed me to say I'd won and it was my turn to pass it along.  In an ideal world I would have done this much sooner but as you all know the rest of my life kind of got in the way!
From the pyramid I kept these two patterns;
I love the Gertie dress and hope a suitable ocassions arises for me to make it and the jacket could be perfect for me this winter :)
Since I've taken my choices, I've added these in;
 and the full bundle looks like this:
Fancy winning yourself all this pattern goodness?  Well all ya have to do is post a comment here before 5pm BST next Sunday 6th July!  This giveaway is open worldwide and I hope we can keep this pyramid going and have it be as successful as the others!  Good Luck!
 THE RULES (originally by Karen at Did You Make That - copied and slightly amended)
·        Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment below by midnight March 31st, GMT, but you must have an active blog, so that you can host your own giveaway.
·        I will randomly select a winner.
·        Each winner will then pick a selection of patterns to keep for themselves, and host their own giveaway throwing some new choices into the mix and then send the patterns to the next person who will also be randomly chosen.
·        All patterns are in the plus size category – ie – if the pattern comes in 2 sizing groups, then it will be the larger category. Patterns used to replenish the stock need to go up to at least a size 20 (most go higher). Patterns listed as “all sizes” will include plus sizes.
·        We are taking it on trust that all pattern pieces are there.
·        If you’re a winner, I would love it if you could make a small contribution to The Brooke. This is a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided the original patterns. These plus-sized patterns have been contributed by me in the spirit of the generosity of the sewing community.
·        Please engage in a timely fashion, launching your own giveaways soon after receiving a parcel
·        You must be be happy to post patterns worldwide.

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  1. Oh please count me in- this lot keeps getting better and better!

  2. Hi Hazel, I am a newbie to blogging and to sewing clothes so this would be a lovely start to kick me into gear with trying new patterns! I love your posts and look forward to seeing how you have made something so quickly!
    My new blog is and my first sewing post should be up within a couple of days!

  3. Yay! Hope you get lots of entries! Congratulations on your Graduation!


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