Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Graduation - Vogue V1030

I genuinely can't believe I'm posting my graduation dress.  I'm totally in denial about the fact I've graduated and it's time to grow up and start looking for a real job!  This was obviously a very special make for me.  Initially I was torn over whether or not to make my dresses, for both graduation day and for grad ball.  I didn't know how my time management would be but when I visited London back in April I found the perfect blue silk chiffon on Goldhawk Road and one decision was made, I was making my ball dress.  As for graduation day, I tried a dress on in Mango, loved it and went with that!
My next problem was choosing a pattern.  I had bought 4 metres of the silk chiffon knowing that it should be enough to get a floor length dress of some description.  Initially I was going to base it on a dress I had seen in Coast, but after making a toile, I didn't like the shape so had to come up with something else.  I spent several nights and lunchtimes at work looking at the pattern company books and websites, there were plenty dresses that I liked but they all seemed to need far more fabric than what I had.  But being me, I thought screw it, I'll make it work and bought Vogue 1030 on a whim.  I cut it out and with some 'creative' cutting I got the full dress pattern pieces laid out on the silk and was good to go!
I knew the neck ruffle was never going to work for me so I decided that some lace, utilising the scallop would add the visual interest I needed.  The lace I chose is the ever-popular Tocca by John Kaldor.  It comes in so many colours that it's a good go to for everything.  All that was left to get was some lining and for this I used silky satin (which is a bargainous £3.99/m) that has great drape and fluidity.  Both of these were from my work.
The construction of this dress was great!  I was expecting it to be a nightmare but taking my time ensured that I had no issues.  I omitted the back zip and gathered belt.  This became too bulky with the lace over the layer of chiffon and satin.  Instead I used some of the remaining silky satin to make the belt which I hand-stitched in place below the bust line.  The other alteration I made was to add a second row of the scalloped edge.  When I tried on the dress after I completed construction I was really uncomfortable and knew it was because the bodice was totally different to anything else I've ever worn.  In order to fix this I added this second scallop and immediately felt much better!

A massive thank you to my friend Neil Jarvie who took all these photos (who is clearly an amazing photographer and y'all should all go check out his work)  All that's left to say is that I had an amazing night and amazing graduation day!  I can't wait for my next adventure.

p.s. bonus graduation day photo!

The Facts
Pattern: Vogue V1030 - Designer collection Badgley Mischka
Size Cut: 20
Fabric: Silk Chiffon from Goldhawk Road, Tocca Lace and Silky Satin from Mandors
Notions: none other than threads
Alterations: omitted the zip, neck ruffle and belt, added and extra scallop in the front and satin belt
Notes: none
Wearability: 5/10 - perfect for the occasion but let's be honest, it's not everyday wear! hah 
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  1. Hazel, this is beautiful! And you in it. What a gorgeous color and props for making your own amazing ball-worthy dress. I'd have been terrified!

  2. You look just lovely Hazel! Such a beautiful dress!
    Congratulations on your graduation!! Many best wishes for your year ahead! x

  3. It's really an exciting thing to graduate and your graduation dress looks good on you.

  4. This is SUCH a beautiful dress. So worth spending the time on it. Looks amazing on you and the colour is fantastic! Nice one and congratulations on your graduation :)

  5. This is so gorgeous! What a beautiful dress for such a memorable day! Congratulations!

  6. Thank you all sooo much ladiess! :) x

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Hazel. What a gorgeous blue!

  8. Sorry, I tried to comment earlier, but it didn't work! Beautiful, beautiful dress! The colour is gorgeous, and looks great on you. Congratulations again! X


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