Saturday, 12 July 2014

Liberty Love

Let's be honest guys, I've never been shy about my love of Liberty of London print fabric.  There's been many a project featured here that's been made of the glorious Tana Lawn they make and few other fibres in between!  
Saiph Tunic
Gertie Dress
Gathered waist skirt
Peplum top
(as well as a ton of unblogged older makes!)
I joked a month or so ago that if I could sew exclusively in Liberty print (my budget doesn't agree) that I would.  It seems since I said this that I've made it my life mission to do so.
You see, my work has always sold Liberty prints.  And I've always been obsessed with them.  Even before I was a sew-er, I always visited the haberdashery in the London store.  Back in April you may have seen that I even got to go a buying trip to their warehouse (cue kid in a sweetie shop moment) and when these arrived in store I could not contain myself or my excitement!  Then they went in our summer sale at 20% off.  Yes folks, £12.59m for my beloved Liberty of London prints.  In Tana Lawn, Lantana Wool, cotton & viscose jersey, sweatshirting, crepe cotton, silks, cords and even some cotton canvas.  We seriously got in such an amazing selection.  And I went seriously crazy with my purchasing (and there are still more on my wishlist!)!  I bought:
Not only did I buy these from work, I was recently down in London and bought two silks on Goldhawk Road for £12.50m!  How can a girl resist?
It's getting beyond a joke now.  But at least I'm making things with them!  Including this great wee summer top.  I traced round one of my favourite camisoles and have used this a pattern a few times now.  I cropped the length and added the gathered skirt hem.  And used only 1m of fabric!  WIN.
The rest of them you'll just have to patiently wait and see what I've made with them, cause they're all sewn, just not all worn yet!
Are there any fabric companies that you all swear by?  I know we all love Liberty, but is there another brand out there I should know about and diversify to?

The Facts
Pattern: none, traced from existing top
Size Cut: none
Fabric: Liberty Silk from Classic Textile, Goldhawk Road
Notions: none, just some self bias
Alterations: changed to drop frill hem!
Notes: maybe take in a little as it's a bit baggy at waist
Wearability: 9/10

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  1. Gorgeous! I guess you know the Edinburgh shop is closing? 😢 they have half price Liberty just now! Looks like I will have to visit you a lot more often now!

    1. Yeah, we've known for quite a while now, was really hard not to say anything to anyone! And I've been hearing about these half price liberty's! We sent them through as one we weren't sure would sell at full price! hah so there are many more in Glasgow! Although I think I'll need to take a wee trip through and see what else is in the sale! And yay that you'll have to head through here, be sure to let me know when! :)

  2. Wait, Liberty do swim Lycra?! I have never seen that! Have you seen it online anywhere? Even Shaukat don't seem to have it.

    Lovely cami, I just made a tana lawn cami too and I love it. So crisp and cool to wear. I got it from the actual Liberty sale, £12 a metre!

    1. Yeah apparently they do! It was a random one in a batch of short ends we got from their warehouse back in May! I don't even know what they were produced for or where else you could get some!

      I really love that print, it's not too ditsy floral which is what I like about it! Can't wait to see what you make with yours! :)

  3. Heeeheehee, you're the Liberty queen! I'm going to shock you and say that I'm not really a fan of the Liberty florals. They're all just a bit too floral for me! But I love their non-floral prints- that mountain print? Lovely!!!

    1. Haha I love the title of liberty queen! I can see where you're coming from about the florals, some of them are bit too ditsy! And they do have some amazing non-florals there are a few more in the shop which are on my wishlist!


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