Tuesday, 19 August 2014

There's a story behind this dress...

Way back before Easter, I spotted a dress in River Island that I really, really loved but couldn't justfy buying at the time.  How do I know it was before easter?  Because for easter my parents said they would get me the dress (I don't do easter eggs, hence the small gift instead).  However when we went to get the dress, we couldn't find it in my size anywhere.  Not one local store, not on the River Island website or ASOS.  So instead they gave me some money to find another dress that I would like.

 I never gave up hope on that dress.  But I couldn't find it anywhere.  Then some months passed and I happened to be in Remnant Kings having a nosey.  And I found this fabric.  In my head it was the same fabric.  And it was only £1.99/m, so I bought 3 metres knowing I would get something out of it.  Still doubting that it was the same fabric, I made a Roxanne tunic and wore it in to town one day.  That day we went in to River Island for a look at their sale and I found the dress I had wanted, in my size.  And it was the same fabric. Photographic evidence:
I headed straight from their to Remnant Kings and bought another few metres.  I was making the dress I couldn't buy.
I used Colette's Laurel as a base pattern, pivoting the hem slightly and taking the neck in.  For sleeve I again used the Ava sleeve pattern.  Other than that construction went as detailed in the pattern.  And I was soo happy that I finally had my dress.
Having enough left over from these two makes, I made a simple cami and used the other remaining pieces as lining for the next make I'll be sharing with ya!

The Facts
Pattern: Colette Laurel
Size Cut: 16
Fabric: Poly georgette from Remnant Kings 
 Notions: None
Alterations: pivoted hem out to add a little swing
Wearability: 8/10

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  1. Oh my gosh, it's a perfect match! I LOVE this fabric and it looks great as a dress!

  2. Now THIS is a happy sewing story of the very best kind. What are the chances of finding that fabric?! Those colors really suit you too.


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