Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lucky (Papercut Patterns) Clover

It's very rare that I'll see something (especially online) and buy it there and then.  I always want to go away and think about it, make sure it's really what I want to spend my money on.  Sometimes there's an exception to this rule, in the case it was the Papercut Patterns Clover Dress.  I seen it on Instagram, headed straight to the Papercut site and ordered my paper copy and waited patiently for it to arrive.
I cut it out straight away and quickly realised that I didn't have anything suitable in my stash to make it up with.  Then this fabric arrived in at my work and I thought yeah that's the one.  Then when I went to visit Argyle Street store to pick some things up and didn't leave with that fabric, but rather the one I made it up in.
It's a viscose crepe in a dark brown with such a good drape, I knew it'd be perfect for my clover dress.  I paired it with some black corded lace for the yoke detailing.
I kind of rushed making this dress as I wanted to wear it to Paris for my trip to Premiere Vision (keep your eyes on this week for all the new fabrics that are coming!  I've got a busy week uploading them all!).  It took me about 4 hours from cutting to completion on the Saturday before my trip.  It was super easy to put together.  I treated it as two halves then sewed the fronts together, I couldn't even tell you if that's the way the instructions want you to do it as the piecing is clear enough from the pattern pieces.
Upon wearing it, I discovered that the lace wasn't the best for the yoke detail as every time I moved so did it and it left me flashing half my bra! Which isn't a massive deal just a but frustrating.
 All In though, I'm really happy with this dress.  So much so, I made a second version!
This time I used a light poly crepe I picked up in Mandors at the blogger meet-up last Saturday.  I had a great afternoon trying not to be Hazel from whatever fabric shop but as expected I totally failed and ended up talking about work!  And instead of lace this time, I used some leftover poly for the yoke.
I really like this crepe and the colours used in the print.  Almost tempted to go back and get some more for something else!

The Facts
Pattern: Papercut Patterns Clover Dress
Size Cut: XL
Fabric: Brown crepe from Remnant Kings and Floral print crepe from Mandors
Notions: Used bias tape to hem necklines on both versions.
 Alterations: None whatsoever
Notes: again nothing to note for this dress, other than better consideration on the yoke.
Wearability: 8/10

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  1. This is so cute on you!!! I swooned over this immediately but I don't have any appropriate fabric, boo! I need to remedy that! Yours are both cute, but I especially like the second version where the detail is really obvious. Nice work!


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