Thursday, 6 November 2014

What's happening?!

Ok so it's been a crazy bust few weeks!  I feel like I've not stopped and today's been my first day of 'normality' back in my office.  But what an exciting day it was.  Oh yes, sewing friends, it was a spreadsheet day but that means one thing, new fabrics on!
Wanna see a few of my faves?

 I'm super excited about a few of those and I have grand sewing plans wizzing around my head.

Not only am I dreaming about fabric, I'm dreaming about some of the new patterns circling the blogosphere right now.  
 I instantly bought, downloaded and stuck together Grainline's Linden Sweater (I've found something to use the rest of my scuba on!), Katy & Laney's Geometry top and the beaut that is the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files.  I'm working on sourcing some denim to make them up and I think I might have found the perfect one (need to get on to some suppliers about it).

Finally, and I know it's a week late, I got to collaborate with new Glasgow video sharing company Veeemotion and make some no-sew Halloween costumes for their site.  If you want a good laugh at me and some no-sew inspiration, check them out below:
No-Sew Tutu:
No-Sew Superhero Cape:

It's safe to say that not much sewing has been going on, just a lot of planning!  We're decorating my room just now so I'm all over the place but I did get a few things finished at the beginning of the week and I'm about to finish a jacket.  And I picked up some random fabric buys whilst we were at Hobbycrafts & Crafts for Christmas at the SECC with RK last week.

At least all these happenings have been keeping me out of trouble! What's everyone else been up to?

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  1. Wow! I love the ikat print and that pixel tweed!!! And yes, I want all those patterns too. Funny, I used to be all about the pretty dresses in florals, but am definitely veering away from those recently. I wonder if I'll go back? Looking forward to seeing your versions.

  2. Wow, those fabrics are amazing! I'm pretty sure I would go bankrupt if I worked for a fabric store... how do you do it???


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