Saturday, 21 February 2015

Burda 6940 - Black Ballgown

This post is looooong overdue.  It's been sitting typed up for ages but I just haven't had a chance to actually transfer my pics over from my memory card!  As I mentioned before, I made my New Year's Eve dress.  Since we were away on the cruise, I knew I needed something a little bit special but not something too over the top.  So what did I make? This:
There's not an awful lot for me to say about this dress, it was a pretty straight forward make.  I made it one night at the start of December having bought the fabric during the last sewing blogger meet up in November.  The fabric is from The Cloth Shop (RK's Edinburgh store) and is a beautiful triple crepe that I would happily make anything out of!  I paired this with a lightly corded lace for the contrast yoke.
Construction wise there isn't much to say.  I've only worked with a few Burda patterns and this was the best so far.  I made no alterations and didn't encounter any issues.  I was drawn to the simple shape of this dress and the slight detailing of contrast.  You could pretty much say I made what was on the envelope!
The dress was very comfortable to wear and even better, it didn't crush during traveling!  I had some fabric left over from this make which I used to make a simple tee.
I used the Grainline Scout pattern and swapped out the sleeves for Victory Pattern's Ava sleeves (which are totally my go to).  It's simple but it's practical which is what I'd like to sew more of this year.

The Facts
Pattern:  Burda B6940
Size Cut: 20 (I think?)
Fabric: Triple Crepe and Lace from Remnant Kings 
Notions: A zip and button
Alterations: none
Notes: Very comfortable, a shorter version might be good for day to day
Wearability: 6/10 (well it is a ballgown!)

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  1. Wow you look amazing! That dress is gorgeous! And looks like a fab new year location too. I've never sewn with triple crepe, only a polyester crepe which was a nightmare to cut & sew. Is triple crepe slippy? I love your scout tee - it may be basic but looks very chic.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I love triple crepe, it's more like a wool crepe so has good density and handle. It;s also matt and has stability that other poly crepes don't as well as hiding a multitude of sins because the stitches just sink in to it. We just ordered Summer colours of it for RK which should be arriving any time so I'm hoping for a brighter version!

  2. You look stunning in the dress! Perfect for NYE as well. Can't beat a lovely bit of triple crepe.

  3. Oh my! Your NYE dress is stunning! It's absolutely lovely- well done, you! I don't know what triple crepe is, but it sounds delicious! OK, time for a confession... I'm so bad with deadlines that I've never been able to get a NYE dress made... or even a Christmas dress! I'm so ashamed! But your dress looks like something that would work for a variety of occasions (night at the opera, charity gala, winter wedding). Really, really lovely!

    1. Thanks love :) it's quite 'glam' but totally wearable (if that even makes sense!) and I'm a total deadline person, give me a time to have it done by and I'll still be stitching it as I leave the house! Hah maybe you could start now and it would totally be done for next year?

  4. Your dress is gorgeous, perfectly simple and very elegant!

  5. This looks amazing, Hazel! You look lovely. Nothing better than a flattering, classic dress, particularly one that's really comfy!!

    1. Thanks Helen :) I'm totally tempted to make another one but a lit shorter for 'everyday' this space! hah


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