Thursday, 26 February 2015

Silk Tops

Lately I've been wanting to wear simple tops every other day to work since they're easy to throw on with jeans or trousers and don't require much thought.  So when I was away over Christmas, I treated myself to some silk prints from Mood and got to work earlier in the month.
In all honesty there isn't much exciting to say about them.  The first is the Grainline Scout pattern, which is a staple in my stash (and Helen's too, she's just made another awesome version!).  I immediately fell in love with this black & white rose print silk.  It's exactly the type of print I like and knew would work with such a simple shape.  Again I swapped out the sleeves for the Ava ones.

To finish the neckline on this, I used bias tape rather than a facing.  I can't remember if it was on here or instagram I mentioned that this is my new favourite way to hem/neckline/finish a garment.  It's simple yet pretty effective and practical!
I also felt like being a little fancy and french-seamed the shoulders and sides ;)
The second top was intended to be Vogue V1387 but I tried to play around with the pattern and it went horribly wrong.  I had this on and off about 100 times before I decided I was happy with this way it sat.

Basically there's like 4 tacking stitches holding it together at the front, but I do love the waterfall-y drape it's ended up having!  Again I fell for the simplicity of this houndstooth print with the odd blue and grey mix with the black and white.
The last top is Vogue V1367 but with short sleeves rather than full length.  I really liked the gathers on the bodice and the yoke constuction (which is hidden by the print).  I did come to hate the yoke though.  I've got quite a strange shape at my upper back/shoulders and I had to mess about with the yoke pieces taking them in at random points so it sat flat at the neckline.  But finally it worked and I'm delighted with the results.

Again I bias-bound the neckline and I quite like the contrast on this one.  I think this might be my favourite of the prints I bought.  I'm pretty sure its ex-Thakoon a designer that I really admire.
What I love most about these tops are that they are a bit more special than your everyday tee.  The silk is definetly the difference, and I know if I couldn't sew I couldn't have that kind of fabric wrapped round me on a daily basis!
I only wish I was nearer to Mood so I could fill the craving I have for all their beautiful prints.  I've still got more of my Mood fabrics sitting there ready to be used so I'm off to get a move on!

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  1. These look great,Hazel. I particularly like the Scout (natch!). That floral print is stunning!!! I love the different sleeve. I feel like I need to change the Scout up a bit if I make it again, and I do like the sleeve and the higher neck.

    Mood sounds great, but I think I'd be completely intimidated (see my recent post), and would end up stressed and unable to make a single decision!!! Glad you faired better. X

  2. These are great, yummy prints and I love a silk top too for feeling a bit fancy. Mood has the best prints - I'm off to NYC in June so a trip will definitely be on the cards!

  3. I love all of these but the vogue one is my favourite! Silk tops just make everything better don't they? I love bias tape for finishing too!

  4. Wow, that (possibly) Thakoon print is beautiful. You tops look fab. Xx

  5. Very nice silks and lovely wearable tops. I've never sewn with silk though I've just cut out the lining for a skirt in silk. Can you just check these tops in the washing machine? That's the thing that would make me reluctant to make a silk top for everyday wear, if it wasn't easy to wash!

  6. Love that third print. You look great in your new tops.

  7. These prints are all so cool! You have a great eye for fabric! I need to make more simple, everyday tops in pretty fabrics. I always forget to do that and then I have nothing to wear!

  8. They're lovely! I need a trip to NYC too! I've been thinking similar thoughts recently - posh t-shirts for work is definitely the way to go....

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments ladies! Sorry I didn't manage to get back to you all sooner! And yes Kerry, so long as the temp isn't too high and you don't tumble dry I find them ok in the wash (very little shrinkage which I was pleased with) if a little 'rougher' when they come out! Helen, I love the scout, there's so many options, can't wait to see what you do with your next! x

  10. They all stands out, specially the first top, I like the black and white print silk, my favorite color and flower.

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