Monday, 16 May 2016

Me Made May - the first 15

Thank you for the lovely comments welcoming me back to blogging.  It feels good to be part of the wider online sewing community again.  As much as I love the likes of instagram, you don't really get to geek out over the technical details of sewing.
 I wasn't sure how best to round up my MMMay16 posts.  Weekly, fortnightly or just whenever.  So I decided half and half.  So here are my me mades for the first 15 days:

Days 1 -5

On day 1, we were traveling back up from wolves so it was me made pj's when I got home.  Sorry no pic of these :(

Day 2 was a lazy at home bank holiday where we chilled in the house, wearing my Liberty print trackie bottoms.

Back to work on day 3 wearing my (unseen) Liberty Hubert print Sigma dress.

Day 4 I had a daddy daughter date to the theater so I put on a girly dress.  I love this print (was a total bargain from work last summer sale) and the Ruby dress by Simple Sew patterns.

Day 5, i went for comfort over all else in my By Hand London Zeena dress, which the lovely BHL ladies featured on their Instagram :)

Days 6 - 10

Wore my go to Morris Blazer on day 6 made up in this awesome geometric print textured jersey.

Day 7 was super sunny and we were down in Wolves, so I wore my Liberty print Alder Shirtdress, I adore this print, it's the perfect balance of colour.

Day 8, was another traveling back up day, but not before I played with my new babies.  Another Liberty make, this time a Roxanne tunic/tee hack.

I didn't share what I wore on the 9th, as a plain top isn't really that exciting.  However, I did share the cushions I've made for the flat.  Which match my yet-to-be-hung curtains.
Day 10 was a funny one, cause the weather had turned and Glasgow was sunny!  So I worry my Tilly & The Buttons Bettine, but in jacquard jersey which was far too warm.
Days 11-15
Day 11 was another warm one, so I preplanned and wore a silk print Scout Tee and got my legs out (I'm not a fan of the local taps aff mentality, but legs oot worked for me! hah)
On day 12, I was bad.  I wore something I shouldn't have and loved it.  It was me-made, but doesn't officially launch until the 19th.  Check back here on Thursday to see more ;)
Day 13 was another boring one, plain black Starboard jeans.
Saturday wasn't a good one at all for me-made and I actually didn't wear anything me made.  It's the first day I've failed and the last I intend to.  I had good reasons for not wearing me made, but not ones I particularly want to share here unfortunately.
Today, I was back on it though.  Wearing my yet to be blogged, Alder Shirtdress in super comfy but super creasy viscose from work.  I'm tempted by another viscose version for summer.
And there you have my first 15 MMMay outfits for this year.  I've got tomorrow sorted with a new make and have something special coming up on Thursday.
I love MMMay and the way it brings this online sewing community together.  I love wasting hours away scrolling through all the posts and getting equally inspired and jealous!  Can't wait to see what you all wear the rest of the month :)

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